What is Givebox?

Givebox is a mobile app to give and take things away in your town. We are creating a community of people helping each other by giving their things away for free.

The benefits to a community are immense: from reducing our waste and our spending, to getting to know our neighbours, and spreading acts of kindness around us. As Givebox members, we practice unconditional giving and focus on contributing our share. Everything on Givebox is done for free without expectation of pay or reciprocity.

How does it work?

We are creating a gifting economy

In a gifting economy, each member gives according to their abilities, skills and means. A gift is never measured by monetary value - items, skills, time, labour, friendship, advice, connection and support are all valuable gifts.

Pay it forward

Generosity is contagious! Giving on Givebox does not warrant pay or reciprocity - instead, we pay it forward and spread acts of kindness in growing circles.

Make a connection

Gifting economies are said to nurture communities: with profit considerations out of the way, we make room for simple things like a smile, human connection, gratitude and friendship.

Respect your peers

Givebox is a group of people who are generally awesome, just like you. We treat each other as friends would, by the way we interact and behave.

Live a sustainable lifestyle

Recycling, borrowing and lending helps reduce our consumption and avoids filling our landfills with tons of waste.

Participate and lead

Givebox is yours. Take action to make it thrive and create the change you’d like to see. Make this community your home.

Why should I give things away?

You can free up your home space from things and help others while doing so.

You can save your time instead selling things and give them away faster.

For example you might have a lot of things to give away when moving out and changing location.

How do I participate?

Joining Givebox is easy: simply install the app and sign up with your Facebook or Google account.

Within your location, members post their listings and request for various items - Givebox is all about sharing our free resources, so no buying or selling things that posted.

Where is Givebox available?

Worldwide. When you open the Givebox app, you see items up to in 50 km radius around you, no matter where you are located

Can others see my location or address?


What can I post on Givebox?

Anything that is free.

What can't I post on Givebox?

  • No selling
  • No “looking to buy”
  • No medications, especially no prescription medications.
  • No “First time free and afterwards pay”
  • No promotion of other groups, services or brands
  • No adult content
  • Nothing offensive or illegal
  • No spam or abuse