hello YouTube in this video we’re gonna

be talking about the 8 most effective

Charities in the world today according

to give well org give well is a

nonprofit organization that evaluates

charities based on their effectiveness

track record transparency and room for

additional funding most importantly they

work for charities that are proven to

make a massive change of the quality of

people’s lives so your donation is

guaranteed to make a big difference

want to drastically change or even save

lives then these are the charities for

you I’ll leave links in the description

below if you’d like to find out more

about any of these organizations

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okay starting off in no particular order

at number one we have the malaria

consortium the malaria consortium

primarily works on preventing

controlling and treating malaria in 12

countries across sub-saharan Africa and

parts of Asia in 2016 there are 216

million cases of malaria worldwide

resulting in about four hundred and

forty five thousand deaths mostly among

children under the age of five and while

these numbers may seem insurmountable

the good news is that the malaria

consortium can provide someone with four

months of seasonal malaria treatment for

only six dollars and ninety cents ad

  Private Foundations

number two evidence actions deworm the

world initiative while virtually unheard

of in developed countries today

parasitic worm infections are endemic in

many of the poorest countries in the

world they interfere with nutrient

uptake which can lead to anemia Mal

nourishment and impaired physical mental

development in fact infected children

are often too sick and tired to

concentrate at school or to even attend

at all and more than eight hundred and

thirty six million children live in

areas that leave them at risk of

infection fortunately these worms can be

eradicated at a very low cost as little

as forty cents per child depending on

the location the deworm the world

initiative works with government runs

school-based programs in order to

provide and distribute drugs that

quickly kill these parasites

the next charity at number three is

Helen Keller International specifically

their vitamin A Program Helen Keller

international works to reduce

malnutrition blindness and poor vision

caused by vitamin A deficiency in

sub-saharan Africa randomized controlled

trials have shown that supplementing

with vitamin A can have a profound

impact on child mortality rates as well

as many other health issues all the cost

of only one dollar and thirty-five cents

per person at number four we have the

gold standard the against malaria

foundation this charity has been on give

wells list of top charities since 2012

and here’s why the amf provides bed nets

treated with insecticide for people at

risk of contracting malaria these nets

prevent mosquitoes from biting people

while they sleep drastically reducing

  The Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice

the spread of malaria purchasing and

distributing one large family size net

cost only about two or three dollars and

it’s been estimated that for every three

thousand five hundred dollars donated to

this charity one life will be saved

while many more will be spared severe

illness due to contracting malaria

number five there’s justice’ myiasis

control initiative this charity works

with governments in sub-saharan Africa

and Yemen to create or scale-up programs

that treat schistosomiasis a disease

caused by a parasitic flatworm that

spreads through drinking water up to two

hundred thousand people die each year

from this disease and it affects an

estimated 250 million people worldwide

but once again there is some good news

as treatment for this disease is

relatively inexpensive costing about 99

cents per person our number six charity

is called sight savers sight savers

works to prevent avoidable blindness and

support those with impaired vision in

low and middle income countries give

well however focuses on their efforts to

treat neglected tropical diseases

specifically their deworming program

certain parasitic worms can affect one’s

vision and sight savers has committed to

treating these infections as well having

established a presence in more than 30

countries they are uniquely positioned

to distribute treatments which cost

around ninety five cents per person

at number 7 we have the end fund the end

fund manages grants provides technical

assistance and raises funding for

controlling and eliminating a neglected

tropical diseases like the two previous

charities on the list give less focus on

  Should you start a nonprofit vs a foundation?

their deworming initiative and found it

to be very effective at just 81 cents

per treatment

the unfun can provide massive benefits

at a very low cost and finally at number

eight we have give directly give

directly is unlike any other charity on

this list because they don’t fight

disease per se but poverty itself using

payment services linked via mobile phone

give directly allows donors to make

direct cash transfers to extremely low

income households in countries such as

Kenya and Uganda research has shown that

direct cash transfers have a profound

impact on earnings food security mental

health and can even reduce rates of

domestic violence okay that’s it for our

list thanks so much for watching if

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