[Music] today we’re going to look at how to find the community foundations that support your area sometimes they look for Community Foundation’s just by county I’m going to show you how to find all of the ones in your area maybe you have a multi area service area maybe you have an impact area that is outside of the specific county that you serve but I want to show you the tool to find community foundations that serve your area and this is a free tool so we’re going to look at the grantsmanship Center if you look on the left-hand side of the screen at the top you’re going to see t g CI comm that’s the website we’re on we want to look at the tabs across the top and we want to look at the resources tab when you put your cursor over the resources tab you’re going to see a drop down menu come up we want to go to the state grant resources click that this is going to open up a page for us that’s going to have a map of the United States you’re going to pick whichever state you want to start with maybe you serve multiple states and that’s okay you’re going to look at those we’re going to start in North Carolina just because that’s where I am once I click the North Carolina we’re going to scroll down this page until we get to another map that has poor blue links to the right of it the one we are looking for is Community Foundation’s in North Carolina and when I click that it’s going to open up this page that has all of the North Carolina based Community Foundation’s in it along with their geographic focus they have that broken down by either county or state as a whole as you can see some counties are served by more than one Community Foundation for example towards the bottom of the page you will see Hulk County Community Foundation which I’ve just highlighted in blue and then if you scroll down just a little bit further you’ll see the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina both of these serve Polk County and then you’ll also as you scroll up see some that list the entire state the North Carolina Community Foundation is one the golden leaf foundation is another this fund for southern communities is another so they’re really a potential of five foundations that might support Polk County so I would encourage you to spend some time on here once you have figured out your geographic focus as an organization to determine the community foundations that might fund your area once you find those you can open up the website for that particular foundation by clicking on the blue link you can also right-click it and open it in a new tab so you can keep coming back to this page when you open up the link it’s going to take you to a brief synopsis about that foundation it’s going to give you their address where they’re located their contact information that type of thing and then you’re going to have a link here to visit the foundation’s website once you found visit the website you’re going to want to look up information like what are their funding priorities who’s they funded in the past does it have community scholarships a lot of Community Foundation’s give scholarships and this is the truest sense of scholarship when you are in high school graduating and going to college so those are the types of scholarships we might be looking at here gives you information on their focus areas they have an FAQ section let’s look at that for a second and every foundation websites going to be different just showing you the golden leaf for the moment so you can see the types of things available it’s going to have who’s eligible how do you apply what is the maximum and minimum grant amount so on and so forth and there’s lots of great content here maybe you just want to know what are their focus areas so you can scroll down and look at those to make sure you feel like you would be a fit for what the Foundation’s priorities are you can see here they have everything from economic investment in job creation to agriculture workforce preparedness community vitality and then some special initiatives so then you’re going to spend some time going through here and saying is there anything you feel like you might be a good fit for how do you reach out to them what’s the process to apply and then you can go back and look at some of the others that might also fit your area I hope this has been a good tool for you it’s free anybody can use it so best of luck in finding the Community Foundation’s to reach out to in your area and we will be sharing some more videos what you think you

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